The transition from school to university is a significant one and it’s natural to feel uncertain as to how your child will manage in their new environment.

With so many questions and concerns, it can be hard to know where to look for answers. Our job is to address your concerns and offer answers to your questions wherever we can. No question is too small and every detail is important.

At Dallington, we do all that we can to support your child and give you peace of mind by diagnosing and applying the best possible solution in each and every case.

Our services are available as hourly sessions, workshops and bespoke plans, with fees from £250 per hour. Please see below for details of the different areas we specialise in. 

University Selection and Entrance
Academic and Study Support
Pastoral Care and Wellbeing
Coaching and Counselling
Development and Career Guidance
Digital Wellbeing
Relocation and Orientation